IFAC Young Author Award

In order to stimulate the involvement of young scientists and engineers in IFAC, as well as to recognize top-level contributions of the younger generation in the field of robust control, an IFAC Young Author Award is presented at ROCOND 2022. This is awarded for the best ROCOND 2022 paper of which the first and presenting author is the main contributor of the research results in the paper, where the candidate must be less than 30 years old at the time of the event.

Nominations were solicited after the final submission of papers had been closed. That is, the nomination phase was from May 16,2022 to June 15,2022. Nominations were made by colleagues of the young author (no self-nominations). A total of 8 nominations were received by using the IFAC PaperCept conference manuscript management system.

The IFAC Young Author Award Selection Committee determined a short list of finalists, based on the gathered reviews and on their own reading of the paper. There were four finalists for ROCOND 2022:

  • Finalist: Samer Alsamadi
  • Paper Title: Anti-Windup-Like Compensator Synthesis for Discrete-Time Quantized Control Systems
  • Authors: Samer Alsamadi, Francesco Ferrante, and Sophie Tarbouriech
  • Session: WeTS2.4
  • Finalist: Jared Miller
  • Paper Title: Facial Input Decompositions for Robust Peak Estimation under Polyhedral Uncertainty
  • Authors: Jared Miller and Mario Sznaier
  • Session: WeTS2.6
  • Finalist: Yanling Ding
  • Paper Title: Bode Integral: A Unifier of Control-Relevant Integral Relations
  • Authors: Yanling Ding, Hui Peng, Junqi Ma, Shinji Hara, and Jie Chen
  • Session: ThTS1.3
  • Finalist: Benjamin Voss
  • Paper Title: Comparison of Fractional-Order and Integer-Order H-Infinity Control of a Non-Collocated Two-Mass Oscillator
  • Authors: Benjamin Voss, Michael Ruderman, Christoph Weise, and Johann Reger
  • Session: ThTS3.1

Based on both the written paper and the oral presentation that should be given by the nominee, a winner was selected: Jared Miller for the paper Facial Input Decompositions for Robust Peak Estimation under Polyhedral Uncertainty, authored by Jared Miller and Mario Sznaier.

The award was presented at the Closing Ceremony of ROCOND 2022, starting at 18h45 of September 2, 2022. The winner as well as all finalists were provided with a certificate. A monetary prize (600 USD) will be given to the winner.

The IFAC Young Author Award Selection Committee: Mirko Fiacchini, Yasumasa Fujisaki (Chair), Tobias Holicki, Masaaki Nagahara, and Yasuaki Oishi.